Encapsulator Machine

  • ’00’ Encapsulator
  • ‘0’ Encapsulator

‘0’ Encapsulator Machine 1 ct.
Sku: 31833
Retail Price: $38.99

’00’ Encapsulator Machine 1 ct.
Sku: 31834
Retail Price: $38.99

Fills 24 capsules in as little as 2 minutes! Fill your own capsules so you can:
• custom mix ingredients
• use quality & fresh raw ingredients
• save up to 75%
• avoid use of binders or excipients

The capsule machine automatically joins & ejects capsules. Includes tamping tool. Made in the U.S.A.

1 – Put large part of the capsule machine (base) on enclosed stand, & then put on flat bowl or plate.
2 – Separate capsule. Push longer part, open end up, into base, & shorter part into cover.
3 – Pour approximately one tablespoon of powdered material into base & sweep enclosed card over holes, filling them. If desired, use enclosed tamping tool to compact powder, & then fill base again.
4 – Place cover on base, & remove the capsule machine from stand. Put the capsule machine on flat surface & press down evenly until bottomed out. Release pressure.
5 – Remove cover. Filled capsules should be in the cover. Depress top cover evenly on both sides to eject filled capsules.

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