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Probiotic Caps

A unique Probiotic formula that promotes optimal digestion & aids with healthy intestinal microflora. While in our youth we may have been told that germs or bacteria are "bad". With aging we learn that our environment is covered in bacteria, both "good" & "bad". Potentially dangerous strains of bacteria are present but we have have…
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Live Plant Protein Powder

Available in Chocolate or Vanilla. Chocolate Ingredients: Natural Pure Plant Protein Blend (Smooth Mixing Pea & Brown Rice Protein), Prebiotic Enhanced Fiber Blend {VitaFiberTM Natural IMO-Oligosaccharides (prebiotic), Natural FOS-Oligosaccharides (prebiotic), Guar Bean Fiber, Xanthan Fiber}, Cocoa Powder, Natural Xylitol, Natural Chocolate Flavor, Natural Vanilla Bean Flavor, Natural Coconut Creamer (Coconut Oil, Inulin), PL3 Complex Plus…
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